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Goal Reached!

We have reached our fundraising goal for the Dunham Commissioned Piece , thanks to generous people like you in our community! We can no longer accept donations for the Commissioned Piece, but you may donate to one of the following instead...

Donate to Lake Community Hope Scholarship

Please consider donating to the Lake Community Hope Scholarship Fund in Memory of Melissa, Renee, Amber and Evan. This fund is managed by the Stark Community Foundation, a 501c3.
To donate to this fund, visit www.starkcf.org/give-lakehope

Donate to Band Boosters General Fund

If you'd like to make a general donation to the Lake Band Boosters , we're happy to accept donations any time. Your donations help cover the cost of uniforms, band equipment, band trips, social events, and other activities of the Lake Instrumental Band program.
To make a general donation, visit our Donate page.